Inheritance, wills, accepting an inheritance, inheritance and donation tax declarations, registrations, consolidation of the rights of use due to the decease of the beneficial owner, and in general, any matters related to Inheritance Law with special attention to international inheritance law.

Acceptance of inheritance

The firm takes care of the whole inheritance procedure so that the client does not have to worry about a thing. Counselling is provided from the start, covering all legal and tax aspects of the inheritance, calculating in advance the amount of inheritance tax to be paid by the inheritor, so that the client is aware from the beginning of how much is due.

Once the inheritance procedure is completed, we offer our clients another service which may seem unnecessary yet is not: dealing with the paperwork upon accepting the inheritance for changing the utility bills (water, electricity, telephone and internet) of the inherited property, updating the land registry and town hall, insurance companies, community of owners, banks, etc., and setting up direct debit for the client’s account. Hence, the client has no need to worry about anything as they receive a “turnkey” service. This is crucial for the client who does not speak Spanish, and it means that there is no need to visit the island to deal with paperwork and work their way through the complexities of Spanish bureaucracy.


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