Obtaining NIEs (Foreign Identification Number in Spain) and CIFs (Tax Identification Number) for foreign individuals and companies in Spain.

Calculation of the price and preparation ofcapital gains declarations, as the result of selling real estate, and collateral activities resulting from the townhall’s capital gains tax.

Preparation and calculation of inheritance tax

Counselling forreal estate opportunities – managing investment funds – negotiations
Thanks to our vast expertise and the network of contacts and relationships that we have built upon over the last fifty years providing professional services, we are proud to be able to provide our clients with counselling in the search of the best investment for their interests, contacting and negotiatingthe best purchasing conditions possible with the selling party on behalf of the client. Furthermore, the firm will search for, counsel and manage on behalf of the client, the best financing offers available, if necessary.


Gesche Abogados offers advice to both companies and individuals.
Specialized in tax and labor advice, experts in urban planning, auditing and accounting.