“Oath as lawyer of Mr. Ricardo Gesche Venthur on 08/09/1973”

Gesche law firm was founded in 1973 by the lawyer Mr. Ricardo Gesche Venthur as one of the first legal offices to be founded in the south of the island of Gran Canaria. Furthermore, he was the first bilingual German-Spanish lawyer in the province of Las Palmas. This firmhas now been in service for just underfifty years. The office is currently run by the founder’s son, lawyer Mr. Luis Ricardo Gesche Fauré

Throughout these years, the company has mainly provided legal services to foreign clients, with a predominance of German, Austrian and Swissnationals, as well as to the British, Irish, Scandinavian, Dutch, and many others. All the law firm’s employees speak perfect Spanish, German and English, and are able tooffer clients a customised service in their mother tongue.

Gesche is a name of reference in the south of Gran Canaria, having witnessed and participated in the development of the south of the island of Gran Canaria as one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, as well as being the second residence of thousand of Europeans who return each year to enjoy the best climate in the world.

The service our clients receive is always direct and customised, and in a friendly atmosphere. Thousands of clients have trusted the services provided by this company for years.

“Construction of the  Mercurio building in the early 1970s”

Honesty and efficiency are the company’s motto, and our greatest satisfaction is the acknowledgement of our clients, who constantly demonstrate their loyalty and trust in us.

Ricardo Gesche is a lawyer who speaks fluent Spanish, German and English. He is an expert in civil law, and specialises in the areas of contracts, property and real estate law, inheritance law, international law, urban leases, horizontal property law and civil responsibility.

The law firm also enjoys the expertise of lawyer Mr. Manuel José Cañada Ortega, expert in procedural law, with over 20 years of expertise in legal matters on his back.

Further to the professional services listed, Gesche provides full counselling to both companies and individuals. This is possible as thelaw firm has exclusive collaboration agreements with lawyers who specialise in tax counselling, labour lawyers, lawyers who specialise in urban planning and experts in auditing and accountancy. Therefore, the company can take on any legal matter necessary. On the other hand, we have an extraordinary relationship with notaries, banks, architects, property valuators, detectives, handwriting expert witnesses, medical expert witnesses, etc., thus providing a full service to our clients in a fast and efficient manner.



Expert in civil law, real estate, horizontal property and mastery of 3 languages.



Expert in procedural law with more than 20 years of experience in judicial matters.


Spanish, German and English


More than 45 years of experience


For companies and individuals